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2019 Boston Bike Counts

Measuring bicycling in Boston

We count how many people are riding bikes at locations across the City. By 2030, our goal is to increase bicycling fourfold. Counting helps us understand trends and measure our progress.

We collect data on bike counts at locations across the City to capture the number of people riding bikes at different times during the year. In 2019, we took counts in June and September.

2019 Bike Counts

In 2019, we counted bikes in June and again in September. You can find the summary tables for each season below.

June 2019 - Summer

We counted bikes at 22 locations on two days in June. On Tuesday, June 4, it was cloudy with a high of 72° F and a low of 55° F. On Wednesday, June 5, it was cloudy with a high of 83° F and a low of 61° F.

Download Summary Table (pdf)

September 2019 -Fall

We counted bikes at 64 locations on two days in September. On Tuesday, September 17, it was fair interspersed with mostly cloudy periods. The daytime high temperatures was 69° F and a low of 59° F. On Wednesday, September 18, the weather was the same as the previous day — fair with periods of clouds and with a high of 69° F and a low of 59° F.

Download Summary Table (pdf)

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Dive into interactive maps, graphics, and visualizations for bike counts data in 2019.

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