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Roll it Forward

Last updated: 7/26/16

Roll it Forward

Roll It Forward collects, repairs, and distributes bikes to low-income Boston residents who might not otherwise have access to a bike. Since 2010, we've distributed over 4,400 bikes.

We are making cycling accessible to low-income people and teaching them how to ride safely and responsibly in the city.

Still have questions? Contact:
Boston Bikes
1 City Hall Square, Room 721
Boston, MA 02201
United States

Program Overview

Bike Donation

We are currently working through a large inventory of donated bikes and are unable to accept new bike donations. We encourage you to look for other organizations in the Boston area who accept bike donations.


Bikes, helmets, and locks are distributed in partnership with local community groups such as health centers and homeless shelters.  By working with these organizations, we help them meet their goals and make sure that bikes and education reach the people who need them most. If you work with a program in Boston and would like to partner with us to receive bikes, e-mail us at


Everyone who gets a bike through Roll It Forward needs to participate in a bike safety workshop. We teach bike recipients how to properly wear a helmet, ride safe, and obey the law. Depending on their age, recipients also learn how to check that their bikes are road-ready, choose a good bike route, and other tips for new riders.


Roll it Forward is supported by the following company partners:

Bikes not Bombs serves as a program partner and takes the bikes that we can't use for our programs.