Boston Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission advances equity, understanding, and respect for all.

Our mission is to enforce Human Rights, to engage in relationships and partnerships that embody the principles of dignity and respect, and to create a culture of human rights compliance and accountability. We act as a driver for social change based on principles of substantive equality, equity, and inclusion for all.

Our work includes public, community, and private partners. We provide outreach and information, education, and technical help. We refer discrimination complaints to the right entities for resolution. We also seek to find and understand patterns and practices of systematic discrimination.


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You can safely and anonymously submit a report about incidents of hate and discrimination in Boston.

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Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Leonard Lee, M 1/25/2021 12/1/2023 Active
Reyes Coll-Tellechea 6/16/2022 12/1/2023 Active
Anne Rousseau 12/16/2019 12/1/2021 Holdover
Robert MacEachern 1/25/2021 12/1/2023 Active
Mario Paredes 8/23/2022 12/1/2025 Active
Elijah Evans 8/23/2022 12/1/2025 Active
Carmel Valentine 8/23/2022 12/1/2025 Active

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    Health and Human Services
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