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Telecom policies in Boston

We make sure companies follow certain policies. We also have a certification process they need to follow.

Our office licenses telecommunications companies in the City. We make sure they follow rules to protect your rights. Before a company can offer services, they have to get certified. They need to get certified every three years.


Companies first need to complete a Provider Certification Form. We need to see annual reports and proof of their experience. They also have to show us a map of where they plan to install antennas and other equipment.

We review their information and the City's Law Department helps us go over any contracts. We’ll let a a company know about our decision within 60 days.

If we certify a company, they need meet with us to discuss their plans. We also help connect the company with the City’s Public Improvement Commission. The commission needs to review any work done to public streets and ways. The company also must go through a separate licensing process with the commission.

If we deny the company, they have a right to appeal the decision. They need to make an appeal within 30 days of our decision. We then hold a public hearing to discuss the matter.


To make sure cable companies provide the best services possible, our work includes:

  • helping companies get certified and approved by other City departments
  • studying and reporting on new systems and companies
  • reviewing the installation and development of cable services
  • helping other departments make decisions on cable services and rules and regulations
  • working with other departments to create a City-wide plan for technology
  • improving the City's access to the cable industry
  • giving the Public Improvement Commission information needed to make decisions, and
  • promoting and enforcing our policies.
  • Still have questions? Contact:
    Broadband and Cable
  • Have questions about policies or certifications?

    Please contact:

    • Mike Lynch, Director of Broadband and Cable, DoIT
    • 43 Hawkins St., Boston, MA 02114
    • Phone: 617-635-2737
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