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Ensuring Public Health and Community Safety

The FY24 Budget invests in violence prevention, support for vulnerable populations, and street safety, taking a broad view of everyday health and safety. 

The FY24 Budget continues to fund proven ways of supporting our most vulnerable residents, while still being innovative in how we approach overall safety. 

Violence Prevention

The FY24 Operating Budget includes $1.2 million in violence prevention for the Boston Housing Authority. This funding will support 5 additional BHA police officers, who are both critical first responders and key resources for helping residents overcome challenges.

The same funding will also support violence prevention programming. As a provider of housing for 9% of Boston residents, the BHA has an opportunity to deliver place-based interventions to vulnerable youth and young adults. A cross-departmental initiative will create a holistic education, employment and violence intervention program for BHA residents run out of BHA community spaces and local non-profit centers. Youth will be met where they're at, being provided the services they need most.

The Boston Police Department will also strive to engage with Boston residents. A $582 thousand investment will expand the services of Youth Connect. This program empowers social workers to directly connect with youth and provide culturally responsive & trauma-informed mental health services for those at high-risk.

BPD community outreach ice cream truck

The BPD will also invest $100 thousand in community listening sessions, continuing a critical conversation about the needs of the community and the role of the department in meeting those needs. 

Improving Public Safety and Public Health Infrastructure

The FY24 Budget reinforces a strong foundation for our public safety agencies. The Fire Department continues to replace apparatus on an  annual basis; this year's capital plan also includes $28 million in new funding for firehouses and equipment.  

Boston's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will add 10 positions, including both front line EMTs as well as administrative support. These positions will ensure that EMS is able to meet its stated response times and ensure that public emergencies are responded to swiftly.

In addition, EMS will continue their successful mentorship partnership with City Academy, a program that provides additional mentorship and support to EMT recruits that meet an income threshold, ensuring their success.

The FY24 budget supporting public health and safety in other new and innovative ways, including:

  • $3.3 million will be added to the Public Health Commission to keep critical low threshold sites open. Constituents are able to access key support services at these sites.
  • $30 million will be added to the capital plan to focus on street safety. New programs will aim to slow traffic appropriately, adding speed humps on 30-50 miles of streets over 10 neighborhoods. 
  • The Boston Police Department will invest in CALEA accreditation, an internationally recognized program given to police departments with exceptional institutional discipline.
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