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City Clerk services

Below you can find a list of all the services and filings that the City Clerk offers.

Service or filing

Description: We allow a creditor to collect the future pay or salary of a person.

Filing fee: $15

Related laws:

Description: After a civil order is filed with our office, a creditor can file notice that includes a person’s personal property as repayment for debt.

Filing fee: $15

Related laws:

Description: If you are in debt, you give up your rights to a creditor.

Filing fee: $15

Related laws:

Description: Business owners need to file a certificate every four years with their city or town clerk. Learn how to file a business certificate.

Filing fee$65. If you aren’t a Massachusetts resident, you need to pay an additional $35.

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Description: We keep legislation records at the City Clerk’s office. Council Meetings take place every Wednesday at noon. You can see agendas on Monday after 12 p.m, either online or through our office. You can also get meeting minutes online or at our office after 4 p.m. on Friday.

Related laws:

View City Council Records

Description: We can give you copies of City Ordinances, and answer questions about the City Code. You can also research the City Code online.

Filing fee: We charge 20 cents per page for copies of City Ordinances.

Related lawsCity Ordinance, Chapter 2

Description: You can get a copy of the City Charter.

Fee: $7

Description: We file City contracts with vendors or contractors that are more than $2,000. You can get copies of contracts at the City Clerk's Office.

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 40, Section 4

Description: A company that is going out of business needs to file an application for Closing Out Sales three days before the start of the event. The application needs to include an inventory of all of the company’s goods and a $1000 bond.

Filing fee: $100

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 93, Section 28ACity Ordinance, Chapter 18-1.3, Section 16

Description: You can file a record of your domestic partnership with the City Clerk, but you need to meet some requirements. Learn how to file a domestic partnership.

Filing fee: $62. The fee includes a certified copy of the domestic partnership certificate. Additional certified copies cost $12.

Related lawsCity of Boston Ordinance, Chapter 12-9A.3

The Massachusetts State Ethics Law (M.G.L. ch. 268A) requires that public employees make specific written disclosures when either:

  • an appearance of a conflict of interest, or
  • an actual conflict of interest exists.

Elected Officials and Special Municipal Employees are statutorily required to file their disclosures directly with the City Clerk. The link below will support this process through the Ethics Disclosure electronic filing system:

CiTEE (Ethics Disclosures) system

Description: You can file a claim if you were injured or your vehicle was damaged by a road or sidewalk defect on a City street, or you were in an accident with a City-owned vehicle. Learn how to file a claim.

Filing fee: $15

Related laws:

Description: You need a license if your company plans to transport people within the City. We send your application to the City Council and let you know when the council approves it.

Filing fee: $500; annual renewal fee: $200; License Amendments fee: $100

Related lawsM.G.L. Chapter 159A, Section 1City Ordinance Chapter 18-1.10, Section 1

Description: If you practice medicine in Boston, you need to register with the City Clerk. This includes, physicians, optometrists, podiatrists, electrologists, and osteopaths. Learn how to file a medical registration.

Related fee: There is a one-time registration fee of $100.

Related laws: MA General Law Chapter 112, Section 8City Ordinance, Chapter 18-1.16

Description: A corporation needs to file copies of its Articles of Amendments, certified by the Secretary of State, with the City Clerk.

Related fee: $100

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 156B, Section 83City Ordinance Chapter 18-1.2, Section 12

Description: You can file your military discharge papers with the City Clerk.

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 4, Section 7, Clause 43 as amended by the Acts of 2005, Chapter 130

Description: Utility companies that want to install poles or conduits in Boston need to file a petition with the City Clerk.

Related fee: $100

Related lawsCity Ordinance Chapter 18-1.16, Sections 39, 40, and 41

Description: You can file a legal written document with the City Clerk that gives another person the power to act on your behalf.

Related fee: $10

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 190B, Article VCity Ordinance Chapter 18-1.16, Section 32

Description: Utility companies need to file a condense return every year that shows the financial state of the company.

Related fee: $25

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 164, Section 84ACity Ordinance Chapter 18-1.16, Section 37

Description: Utility companies need to let the City Clerk know about potential locations for poles. The City Clerk will tell businesses and homes in the area about the plans, and then the City holds a public hearing on the proposal.

Related fee: $100

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 166, Section 22City Ordinance Chapter 18-1.16, Section 38

Description: This City Clerk statement provides evidence that a Public Way in Boston is actually a Public Way.

Related fee: $25

Related lawsM.G.L. Chapter 233, Section 79FCity Ordinance Chapter 18-1.16, Section 42

Description: If you want to hold a raffle or a bazaar in Boston, you need a permit. Learn how to apply to host a raffle or bazaar.

Related fee: $30

Description: Our office can notarize a document for you.

Related fee: $5

Related lawsCity Ordinance Chapter 18-1.3, Section 13

Description: The state files a notice with us when a lien is placed on the property of a person or company in Boston.

Related fee: $25

Related lawsCity Ordinance Chapter 18-1.6, Section 1

Description: The trustees of an association or trust need to file a Declaration of Trust with the City Clerk. If the trustees make changes or amendments to the trust, they need to file those changes with us.

Related fee$100 for a new Declaration of Trust; $100 for any change to a Declaration of Trust

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 182, Section 2

DescriptionColleges and universities in Boston need to file a report that includes:

  • a summary of student enrollment and statistics on where they live
  • a list, including addresses, of students living off campus in Boston, and
  • a list of all school buildings used for housing. 

The deadline for filing reports is October 1.

Download University Accountability Reporting Form

Related laws:

Description: We perform marriages in the City Clerk's Office. To get married, you need to first pick up a marriage license.

Related feeCeremony costs $75. If you’re late, you will be charged an extra $25.

Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 182, Section 2

  • Description: If you’re a veteran and you’ve been permanently discharged from military service, you can file a notice with our office.
  • Related lawsMA General Law Chapter 115, Section 3A
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