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How to become a Boston constable

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Before you get started

To apply to become a constable, you need to meet one of these requirements:

  • you must have at least three years of documented experience as a licensed constable before applying, or
  • you need to provide a certificate that shows you received constable training. The City does not have an approved course for training. 

Submit your application

You can pick up an application after January 1 at the Boston Police Department’s Licensing Unit:

1 Schroeder PlazaRoom 104

Roxbury Crossing, Boston, MA 02120

The Boston Police only take applications from January 1 to February 15. You cannot submit an application after February 15.

There is one application for both new applicants and renewals.

You will need all of the following documents to apply:

  • a valid Massachusetts driver's license with a Boston address
  • a US birth certificate, valid US passport or naturalization papers as proof of citizenship
  • a high school diploma, general equivalence diploma (GED) or college diploma, and
  • proof of your City of Boston residency. This could include a copy of your voter registration or your utility bills. We don't accept vehicle registrations, cell phone bills, or credit card bills.

You will also need to have five (5) reputable residents of the City of Boston sign your application showing that you are of good moral character. One of them must be a member in good standing with the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers. Their names and signatures must be legible.

You need to have your application notarized. The notary’s information must be legible. We prefer a raised Notary Seal.

You must complete your application or it will be denied.


Wait for the City's response

The Licensing Unit conducts background checks and sends a list of candidates to City Hall. Through a process that includes the Mayor and City Council, the City approves a list of applicants.


If you're approved, get insurance and a bond

We will send you a letter informing you of your appointment as a constable candidate. You are required to obtain insurance and file a bond with the Treasury Office at Boston City Hall.

You will then receive a letter informing you when to report to be sworn-in as a City of Boston Constable and how to pay your required fee. The fee for a three-year constable term is $450.


Yearly and Quarterly Reporting

All Constables will need to ensure that their Yearly and Quarterly Reports have been filed with the Office of Collector/Treasurer for the City of Boston as required by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 41, Sections 95A & B.  If you have any questions relative to this process, you may contact Kempton Flemming at the Treasury Department at 617-635-4151.

Keep in mind

You will be fingerprinted when you submit your application. The Boston Police Licensing Unit uses your fingerprints to conduct a state and national criminal history check. You will be charged a non-refundable $50 fee for this background check, which is separate from the fee the City Clerk collects.

If you have questions about your application, call the Boston Police Licensing Unit at 617-343-4425.

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