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Frank Baker

District 3

Frank Baker was elected to the Boston City Council on November 8, 2011.  Due to the redistricting process that took place in 2013, his new district now includes most of Dorchester and portions of Roxbury, South Boston, and the South End.

Councilor Baker is proud to be a lifelong resident of Dorchester.  He grew up in the Saint Margaret's Parish (now Blessed Mother Teresa) area of Dorchester and currently owns a home in Savin Hill with his wife and their 10-year-old twins, Ben and Maxine.  Frank is the twelfth child of John and Eileen Baker's thirteen children.  He graduated from Don Bosco Technical High School in 1986 where he studied the printing trade.  At age 17 Frank worked as a custodian in City Hall, and from 1987 until 2010, he worked for the City of Boston Printing Department, before it was dismantled.  Currently, Councilor Baker is a member of the CWA/Boston Typographical Union, Local 13 and served as a Shop Steward from 2000 until 2010.

Councilor Baker has been actively involved in politics his entire adult life and is a dedicated member of the Dorchester community.  Frank brings his passion for his community and a strong independent voice to City Hall.  His priorities include Education, Public Safety, Substance Abuse Services, Housing, and Economic Development. 

Councilor Baker is working hard to make a difference in District 3 every day.  During his time in office, Councilor Baker has worked on numerous quality of life issues impacting our communities, including the proposal of numerous traffic calming measures throughout District 3, working with the Boston Police Department to address Human Trafficking along Dorchester Avenue and crime in and around our MBTA stations, working on ways to look at Boston Public Libraries as potential mixed use developments and working on ways to prohibit billboards, and the blight associated with them, in the neighborhoods he serves. 

On the topic of education, Councilor Baker has been involved in ongoing discussions surrounding the future of vocational education, our student assignment process and the structure of our school committee here in the City of Boston.

Substance abuse issues have been a primary concern of Councilor Baker. He has worked on the ongoing enactment of a 24 hour substance abuse helpline through the Boston Public Health Commission, the implementation of a drug drop- off box program at police stations throughout the city, the development of a substance abuse diversion program in District 3 for young adults and advocated for the creation of the mayor’s Sharps team, which responds to needle removal requests. Recently, Councilor Baker was successful in passing an ordinance that banned the possession or sale of synthetic marijuana in Boston.

As of 2016, Councilor Baker currently serves as Vice President of the City Council, as well as Chair of the City Council’s Jobs, Wages, and Workforce Development Committee and the Special Committee on Charter Reform.  He is also Vice Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee.  Furthermore, he is a member of the Committees on City, Neighborhood Services and Veterans Affairs, Healthy Women, Families and Communities, Parks, Recreation and Transportation, Planning and Development, and Ways and Means.