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How to testify at a City Council Budget hearing

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We encourage the public to weigh in during the City Council budget review process. Below are the options for sharing your thoughts on the record:


Choose how you want to participate

There are a few different ways that you can put your testimony on the record. You can:

  • send an email
  • record and submit a video, or
  • participate in the virtual hearing via Zoom.

All formal testimony, written or spoken, that is provided in another language will be accepted and translated for the benefit of the Council. Speakers testifying live are welcome to bring another person to translate their testimony in English in real time. You will be accorded extra time if you choose to do so.  All speakers are welcome to testify in their preferred language, however, even if without interpretation. The Council will ensure translation after the fact.


Send us an email

You can email public testimony on any aspect of the budget. Please include in your message the topic or department you want to discuss, along with your name and affiliation. Written testimony will be made a part of the hearing file and made available to all councilors.

Email the committee directly at or the Director of Legislative Budget Analysis,

You can reach all City Councilors at city.council@boston.govYou can also send your email to a specific councilor. You can find their contact information in their profiles.

Puede enviar un testimonio público por correo electrónico sobre cualquier aspecto del presupuesto. Incluya en su mensaje el tema o departamento que desea discutir, junto con su nombre y afiliación. El testimonio escrito se incluirá en el archivo de la audiencia y se pondrá a disposición de todos los concejales.

Envíe un correo electrónico al comité directamente a o a la Directora de Análisis de Presupuesto Legislativo,

Puede comunicarse con todos los concejales de la ciudad en También puede enviar su correo electrónico a un concejal específico.  Puede encontrar su información de contacto en sus perfiles.


Record and upload a video

Record a two-minute video of your testimony regarding any aspect of the budget. After you finish recording your video, complete our form to submit your video for an upcoming hearing:

  • If your video is submitted more than two (2) business days in advance of the relevant departmental or public testimony hearing, it will be played then.
  • If your video is submitted later, it will be played during the next dedicated public testimony hearing.

Video testimony online form

Grabe un video de dos minutos de su testimonio con respecto a cualquier aspecto del presupuesto. Después de que termine de grabar su video, completa nuestra formulario para enviar su video para una próxima audiencia.

Formulario de Video Testimonio


Or testify live via Zoom

The public can also testify at budget review hearings via Zoom. Public testimony will be taken at the end of each departmental hearing, and at three dedicated public testimony hearings. Check the budget review schedule.

sign up for Public Testimony

We encourage you to sign up in advance if you would like to testify during a hearing. After you have signed up, we will provide you with the hearing's Zoom link. Participants will be called in the order they signed up.

You will need to download Zoom in advance. Please make sure you are signed into Zoom with the full name you signed up with, so we can call on you appropriately. You will be granted access to your microphone when you are called to speak. Please keep your testimony to under two minutes.

Anyone looking to watch the hearing, but not testify, should follow along on our livestream

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Room 550
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