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Secure Boston

Protect the important devices - and people - in your life with Secure Boston, a free security app for City of Boston residents. 

Secure Boston is a free, privacy-first mobile security app that alerts and protects you when suspicious activity is detected. The app helps protect your mobile device by:

  • Allowing you to verify if links sent to your through text, email, a messaging app, or social media is safe or a possible phishing attempt.
  • Scanning QR codes and links for phishing attempts.
  • Alerting you to untrusted networks when using public wi-fi networks, vulnerable device configurations, and more. 
  • Protecting your personal information and credentials from attackers. 

Secure Boston will analyze potential mobile device threats while operating under a strict privacy policy and technical controls that ensure your privacy is respected. The app works without accessing personally identifiable information and will not collect or transmit private data. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secure Boston?

Secure Boston is a mobile app offered for free to Boston residents. The app alerts you if your mobile device, tablet, or Chromebook encounters threats such as a potentially unsecure Wi-Fi network. With each alert Secure Boston will offer recommendations on how to address the detected threat. 

How Does Secure Boston Protect my Mobile Device?

Secure Boston monitors your device and the local Wi-Fi networks in real time to identify potential threats. For Android users, Secure Boston will also detect whether an app you downloaded might be unsafe. 

Will secure Boston gather information about me?

No! Secure Boston was designed with your privacy at the forefront. You will not be asked to provide any information about yourself to download the app. Nothing about you or your activity ever leaves the device. 

Is Secure Boston really free?

Yes! The City of Boston wants to reduce the potential for malicious cyber activities - the easiest way to do that is by offering free protection for all residents. That's why Secure Boston is free to download and use without monthly charges, in-app purchases, or ads. You can even receive updates or upgrades free of charge.

Who Developed Secure Boston?

Secure Boston was developed by Zimperium, a company based in the United States. Zimperium is a global leader in mobile security, offering real-time on-device protection against both known and unknown iOS and Android threats.

Why Should I Install Secure Boston?

While mobile do provide some security features like PINs and lock codes, most do not come with security software to detect threats or vulnerabilities. Your mobile phone has many entry points that need to be protected, such as your camera, access to apps, and your location information. Secure Boston provides critical information and directions on what to do if your phone is at risk of a compromise.

How Do I Know that Secure Boston will try to protect me?

Secure Boston utilizes technology already in use to protect residents in other regions such as New York City, and Los Angeles. The application has also been reviewed by City Cyber Security teams and the source code was reviewed by an independent third-party assessor. 

What Kind of Alerts does Secure Boston Display?

Secure Boston displays three kinds of alerts:

  • Device alerts warn you about settings or activity that could potentially put your device at risk.
  • Network alerts warn you when your device may be connected to a potentially compromised network.
  • App alerts (Androids only) warn you when issues that may compromise your android device's security arise on a downloaded app.
Does Secure Boston require a Wi-Fi signal to use?

No, you can use Secure Boston without a Wi-Fi Connection. 

How much data will secure Boston use on my Wi-Fi or cellular network?

For iOS

  • Install/Setup = 7 MB to 9 MB
  • Daily Usage = 3 MB to 5 MB

For Android

  • Install/Setup = 14 MB to 16 MB
  • Daily Usage = 4 MB to 6 MB
How much space will Secure Boston need on my phone?

Secure Boston requires 75 MB to 80 MB.

What is the minimum Operating System I need to use Secure Boston?

Secure Boston works on:

  • iPhone with iOS v11.0 and above or later
  • Android devices with Android v6.0 and above or later
  • Chromebook with Android app support
Can Secure Boston help me identify phishing attempts?

Yes. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell if someone is sending you a link to a real site or a site that may steal financial or other sensitive information. Whether you received the link from email, text, a messaging app, or social media, you can use the Secure Boston app to help determine if the link is safe or a possible phishing attempt. 

How can I check a possible phishing link with Secure Boston?

Checking a phishing link depends on the device you are using with Secure Boston:

  • On Apple OS devices with Secure Boston installed, press and hold the link for a few seconds until Share appears. Then select Secure Boston. The app will tell you if the link is safe or not. If you do not see Secure Boston on the Share menu after installing it, then as a one-time action, press and hold the link for a few seconds until the Share button appears. Select Edit Actions at the bottom of the menu and click the Secure Boston toggle button to enable the app.
  • On Android devices with Secure Boston installed, press and hold the link for a few seconds until Share appears. Then select Secure Boston . The app will tell you if the link is safe or not. 
What are all the threats that Secure Boston will Detect?
  • Device Jailbreaking (iOS) or Rooting (Android)
  • Elevation of Privileges (Android)
  • Rogue Access Point (iOS and Android)
  • SSL Strip Network (iOS and Android)
  • Suspicious Android App
  • System Tampering (iOS and Android)
  • SELinux Disabled (Android)
  • Unsecure Wi-Fi (iOS and Android)
  • Device Encryption (Android)
  • Device PIN Not enabled (iOS and Android)
  • Stagefright Vulnerability (Android Only)
  • Download Apps from Unknown Sources (Android Only)
  • USB Debugging Mode (Android Only)
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