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Stimulus and Stability Fund for Childcare Centers

The Office of Early Childhood is supporting the recovery and expansion of the early childhood workforce through a competitive grant program for childcare centers. This investment will support childcare centers to recruit and retain high-quality staff while moving towards a long-term plan for increased compensation.

This grant application is open to any early childhood education provider that meets the following criteria:

  • Is an EEC-licensed childcare center,
  • Operates in the City of Boston, and 
  • Accepts childcare subsidies. 

The Stimulus and Stability grant has two components:

  1. Compensation Planning. Developing a long-term compensation strategy and sustainability plan.
  2. Wage and Benefit Support. Supplementary wages and benefits to childcare workers to address workforce-related challenges and expand capacity. 

Apply Today

$5,000,000 of funding is available through the Stimulus and Stability Fund. Grants up to $400,000 will be awarded to up to 30 Providers. Grant funds may be used through the end of calendar year 2024.

Application Materials

Application (English)

Application Questions
Questions are for reference only, to submit an application please use the application button.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. on or before September 2, 2022

attend an info session

Are you interested in learning more before you apply? Join us on August 12, from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.


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