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Boston Residents Jobs Policy on construction projects

Boston Residents Jobs Policy on construction projects

We set guidelines for contractors in the City of Boston. Learn more about our Employment Standards, and how employers need to comply.

The Mayor's Executive Order of 1985 set standards for Boston construction workers. Anyone who manages a project in Boston has to follow these standards. They also apply to apprenticeships and training. Projects must meet the following guidelines:

  • at least 50 percent of the total worker hours in each trade must go to Boston residents
  • at least 25 percent of the hours must go to minorities, and
  • at least 10 percent must go to women.

We also ask contractors to follow best practices when hiring subcontractors and other workers. This is to make sure they meet all the requirements of the code. Learn more about the standards and hiring best practices.

Still have questions? Contact:
Economic Development
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201
United States
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