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Neighborhood emergency shelter map

Emergency Management has designated emergency shelters in each neighborhood of Boston. Type your address into the map below to find the nearest emergency shelter.

The City of Boston is vulnerable to many hazards. These include floods, nor’easters, extreme temperatures, hurricanes, and more. During these incidents, residents may need to evacuate their homes and go to a neighborhood emergency shelter.

Our interactive map lists all neighborhood emergency shelters in the City. Just enter your address to find the closest open emergency shelter. In an emergency please refer to or call BOS:311 (3-1-1 or 617-635-4500) for a list of open emergency shelters. Please note: City of Boston emergency shelters are pet-friendly.

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Still have questions? Contact:
Emergency Management
1 City Hall Square
Room 204
Boston, MA 02201

Emergency Shelters Map

Emergency shelter map

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