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Our work at Emergency Management

Learn about how we prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies that impact the City.

We create emergency management plans to help prepare Boston for any situation. Our work work reaches across the City, and includes:

  • emergency prevention and mitigation
  • emergency preparedness and response
  • recovery efforts, and
  • all hazards that may impact the City.

In creating emergency plans, we work with Boston’s public safety and public health divisions. We also educate the public, and hold training exercises and drills.

Our department manages the Boston Emergency Operations Center. The center is made up of staff from other safety agencies in the City. It’s all part of our work to put into place plans for disasters.

Our team is accredited through the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) and has received StormReady recognition.


Our Homeland Security Division manages funding for the region’s emergency preparedness planning. They find grants to help strengthen our work. Since 2003, we’ve used these grant funds to keep our City safe.

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