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Renew Boston Trust Phase III

Phase 3 is the most ambitious phase of Renew Boston Trust yet. Schools will receive a majority of the current Phase 3 budget of $65 million. City Hall will receive a comprehensive lighting upgrade that will save over one million kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.

This phase is broken up into multiple parts given the size of the scope of work. As of August 2022, the City has contracted for the full scope of work in the first part. This will mostly include lighting, water conservation, building envelope, and pipe insulation upgrades in the following buildings:

  • nine schools
  • one police station, and
  • one property management facility.

This first part of Phase 3 is scheduled to cost $19.8 million. It will deliver $720,177 in energy and water savings per year. Future parts of Phase 3  to be decided by mid-2023  will include:

  • the installation of building controls
  • new heating and cooling equipment, and
  • a selection of new rooftop solar arrays.

Project Timeline

December 2021: City Finalized Detailed Technical Energy Audit Report (DTEAR)

April 2022: City Received Optimized Investment Grade Audit (IGA) for First Part of Phase 3

  • The Optimized IGA report further developed the cost and savings associated with the ECMs identified in the DTEAR.

July 2022: IGA Finalized and ECMs Selected for First Part of Phase 3

  • Final IGA included guaranteed energy savings and guaranteed maximum pricing associated with the ECMs to be installed. 

August 2022: Phase 3 construction begins

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