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Commercial Building Owners And Managers

Don’t know how to start reducing your emissions, or are you looking to learn more? There are resources available to help you along the way. 

Opportunities for retrofits in commercial buildings can be very different from residential buildings. There are different:

  • leasing structures
  • tenant fit-out schedules, and
  • even applicable measures.

The materials below have been collected with large commercial buildings in mind.

MA Gap Energy Grant

A $7.5 million grant program offering up to $200,000 for eligible nonprofits and small businesses to implement energy-saving upgrades. Apply by July 29, 2022.

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Financial Resources

Financial resources
Better Buildings Financing Navigator

A collection of resources from the U.S. Department of Energy. This includes:

  • sector energy financing primers
  • financing option fact sheets
  • high-level market overviews and guides, and
  • information on financing policies and programs.
Mass Save

Get rebates, custom incentives, and loans for a variety of energy efficiency measures. Start by getting a Mass Save Facility Energy Assessment at no cost. 

BIDFA Tax-Exempt Lease

Low-interest financing for nonprofits using performance contracts to reduce their energy use

Commercial PACE

Financing for commercial, industrial, and large multi-family properties making energy improvements


Get incentives for solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, with adders for:

  • energy storage
  • community solar, and
  • projects that benefit low-income households.
Business Energy Investment Tax Credit

This federal tax credit is for renewable projects, including solar and geothermal.

Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System

This federal depreciation deduction for businesses recovers investments in solar PV, solar thermal, and geothermal.

Solar and Wind Power Deduction

Learn about the Massachusetts excise tax deduction for solar and wind systems.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Learn about the Massachusetts property tax exemption for solar and wind systems.

Community Choice Electricity

The City of Boston program buys affordable and renewable electricity on behalf of its residents and businesses.

Mass Save

Get incentives for switching from oil, propane, or electric resistance heating and hot water systems to heat pumps. Start by getting a Mass Save Facility Energy Assessment at no cost. 

Department of Energy Resources

Get Alternative Energy Credits for:

  • solar hot water
  • air-source heat pumps, and
  • ground source heat pumps.

You can receive incentives for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

The program offers rebates for the hardware and installation costs of electric vehicle charging stations.

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