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Exhaust vent cleaning and inspection

The Boston Fire Department along with Inspectional services and the Health Department has established a criteria of conditions for Exhaust Vent Cleaners and Inspectors who wish to perform work in the City of Boston. 

These conditions are in keeping with the guidelines of the City of Boston ordinance to "establish requirements for the cleaning of commercial cooking hoods and ventilation systems." Exhaust Vent Cleaners and Inspectors are required to pass an examination based on the most current NFPA 96 standard recognized by the Commonwealth of Mass.

This examination will be administered by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA), a recognized organization that has proven to be of high standards, integrity, and competence with regard to NFPA 96 regulations. The Boston Fire Department will list other recognized agencies that may administer the examination after careful review of their qualifications.

Individuals who have successfully passed the examination will also be required to submit documentation of five hundred work hours experience in the cleaning and inspecting of exhaust vents. To waive this requirement the individual must have attended a recognized and approved training school.

Individuals who apply for an annual registration will be issued guidelines for reporting deficiencies found, posting of inspection stickers and other administrative requirements.

Deficiency reports

Advisory to all Exhaust Vent Cleaners and Inspectors

Be advised that all commercial hood and ventilation cleaning companies/contractors performing work in the City of Boston are required by law to issue deficiency reports to the establishment owner when they do not comply with NFPA 96 mandated repairs and also if there is no onsite exhaust system diagram.  All deficiency reports must be given to the establishment and a copy forwarded to the Fire Prevention Division by following the instructions listed on our website.

Commercial hood and ventilation cleaning companies/contractors must also report to the Fire Prevention Division when an establishment in Boston does not renew their contract or if your company did not clean the hoods and ventilation systems by the scheduled date required in NFPA 96.

The Boston Fire Department’s Sample Cleaning and Inspection of Commercial Hood and Ventilation System and Deficiency Report has been updated. Please revise your deficiency report to the form dated August 2010. All related information and required forms can be found below.

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