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GrowBoston is the City of Boston's Office of Urban Agriculture. 

GrowBoston's goal is to increase food production and support local food producers in Boston, including gardeners, farmers, beekeepers, and more.

Our work builds on the long-term work of the Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH). MOH, through the Grassroots Program, has been supporting the development of community gardens, urban farms, food forests, and other open spaces through land disposition and capital funding for more than 25 years.

We will be working to increase community gardens, urban farms, and other food-growing spaces throughout Boston. We will support the implementation of innovative food production strategies, such as rooftop growing, vertical growing, and hydroponics.

GrowBoston provides technical help to prospective and existing gardens and farms. Our team develops educational and other food production resources for gardeners, farmers, and residents. We partner with sister agencies to leverage public facilities to increase food production. We also coordinate with other City departments to make food production more accessible in Boston. 


Recent Updates

Recent Updates

The Grassroots Open Space Program FY24 Funding RFP is offering capital funding for the development and improvement of community based gardens, urban farms, and other open spaces. GrowBoston anticipates making awards of up to $150,000 to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations for projects which increase access for low- and moderate-income residents to local food growing opportunities and green space through capital improvements to community gardens and other open spaces which directly serve neighborhood residents.

Two applicant conferences about this RFP were held on Wednesday, January 31st. For access to the RFP and the Q&A from the applicant conferences, click here. 

The RFP deadline is March 11.

View the RFP

Wondering what GrowBoston accomplished in 2023? Check out our 2023 Year-in-Review visualization!

GrowBoston graphic

GrowBoston in 2023

We provided...
  • 10 gardening workshops
  • 24 community gardens with gardening supplies
  • 44 urban agriculture outreach events
We funded...
  • 3 raised garden beds at senior homes
  • 10 raised garden beds at schools
  • $150,000 to build 300 raised beds
We facilitated...
  • 2 cross-agency municipal meetings
  • 12 neighborhood committee meetings
  • 5 community engagement events
  • 1 food producers' convening
The Grassroots Program...
  • Awarded $333,632 to four organizations to create and improve urban growing spaces
  • Sold 30,000 sq. ft. of land to preserve an urban forest
  • Presented at 16 community meetings
  • Completed capital improvements at 5 gardens
  • Released 4 RFPs

This grant fund is for conceptual designs of farms, gardens, food forests and other food-producing spaces for public benefit. A total of $75,000 is being offered, with individual grants up to $9,999 available. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. 

Link to application


As new offices within the City of Boston, the Office of Food Justice (OFJ) and GrowBoston: Office of Urban Agriculture want to ensure that we have the biggest impact we can on building food justice in Boston--in partnership with residents, community groups, food producers, and other governmental agencies. We have identified four major goals that will allow our work to have a bigger collective impact on the food system.

Link to Webpage

This grant fund is for educational programming about urban agriculture including farming, gardening, permaculture, food forests, beekeeping, etc. A total of $100,000 is being offered, with individual grants up to $30,000 available. Applications are due at Monday, March 18, 2024, at 4:00 p.m.

Link to Application

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