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Alex Castillo

Roslindale Mural subject

When business-owner Alex Castillo left the Dominican Republic as a child in 1996, he had big dreams. He wanted to receive an education and have a better life. After arriving in Queens, New York, Castillo quickly began pursuing these dreams.

This eventually led him to move to Boston in 2004. In Boston, Castillo continued his education. And Fujitsu, the fifth largest IT service provider in the world, employed him right out of school.

Today, Castillo works two jobs, both as an employee and business owner. While he continues to work his job at Fujitsu, he also runs his Roslindale business Digitech Electronic Solutions. Located at 616 Hyde Park Avenue, Castillo and his business have served the Roslindale community for twelve years.

Castillo is proud to be an immigrant, a United States citizen, a Bostonian, and a business owner. He is also passionate about giving back to the community, which welcomed him in 2004. A recent immigrant and business owner, Castillo is excited to be a subject for “To Immigrants With Love.”

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