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Carmello Scire

East Boston Mural subject

Carmello Scire immigrated from Sicily to Boston in the early 1930s. He went on to become an entrepreneur, founding the catering company Carlo’s Carmelo in East Boston. For over 75 years, the catering company has been serving the East Boston community.

Carmello passed Carlo's Carmelo down to his son, Sammy Scire, and his wife Carmela. The business then passed on to Carmello’s grandson, Steve Scire. With the help of his family, Steve runs the business today. Its current name, Sammy Carlo’s Delicatessen and Catering, pays tribute to the generations that have run the business before him.

Steve remembers his immigrant grandfather's values. Carmello's ingenuity, innovation, and dedication to community are at the heart of the family business and its products.

“To Immigrants With Love” focuses on immigrant communities like East Boston. The Scire family has served this community for over 75 years. Their belief in community service makes them an ideal subject for our project.

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