Catheline Averdieu

Boston Children's Hospital Fellow 2021-2022

Catheline Averdieu has big plans for her career in healthcare. As a certified nursing assistant from Haiti, she is pursuing her dual passions in healthcare and public health.

Before coming to the United States, Catheline worked as a certified nursing assistant for local hospitals in Haiti. But when she arrived, she discovered her nursing certification and education didn’t match the requirements for U.S. nursing assistant jobs. She also realized her limited English impacted her ability to work in the field.

After two long years of English classes and certifications, Catheline learned about the Immigrant Professionals Fellowship through her mentor at Jewish Vocational Services.

“I saw myself in this fellowship,” she explained. “I was very determined to keep my goal even though there were many difficulties. I don’t give up because I know that life is like that. You must continue to study, to break barriers, to learn, to read, and even to go to school. And finally, you will achieve your goal.”

Catheline was placed at Boston Children's Hospital to develop her management experience and healthcare knowledge. She said the fellowship allowed her to learn and grow professionally and to make connections with professionals in her field. During her placement, Boston Children's Hospital offered Catheline a position as a Clinical Coordinator.

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