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Last updated: 3/4/19

Digital Equity Fund

The fund supports programs that advance digital equity in Boston.

The application deadline for the current round of funding has passed. We're reviewing submissions now.

In 2019, we will award $100,000 to local programs aimed at increasing digital resources available to Boston residents. To qualify for a grant, nonprofits must be Boston-based and serve Boston residents. The City will award grants ranging from $20,000 to $35,000.

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Please email our team with any questions about the Digital Equity Fund and the application process:

Fund background

We support projects that:
  • help people use the Internet, digital skills, and digital tools to pursue life goals
  • allow communities to work, play, learn, and engage in civic life on the Internet safely and securely
  • make decisions based on the needs of their community, and
  • work to help households who don’t subscribe to broadband get access to this service.

In 2017, the City of Boston used $35,000 to offer grants to local community organizations. We administered the fund through a selective application process. The first grant was awarded to the Castle Square Tenants Organization to fund its work with local students. Through our grant, the nonprofit was able to provide paid internships to more than a dozen students. They also offered an audio/visual college course, in partnership with the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology.

Watch: Castle Square Tenants Organization