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Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology

We manage the City’s websites and technologies, like the BOS:311 app, that are focused on service delivery. We also ensure that the networks, computers, e-mail systems, and applications that support the business of City government are continuously available and operating both securely and effectively.

Our mission is to engage, empower, and improve life for citizens and partners through technology. We are the City’s enterprise wide technology services organization, providing solutions that enable our business partners across all City departments to get their work done efficiently.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Jascha Franklin-Hodge
Jascha has been the Chief Information Officer since June 2014. He leads the City’s efforts to enhance online service delivery, empower City employees with effective digital tools, and improve access to technology and the Internet for all Boston neighborhoods. Learn more about Jascha.

Innovation and Technology
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Our Core Work


The “technology stack” is what makes the City’s foundation for communication. This includes:

  • devices

  • connectivity

  • servers

  • software

The stack is essential to all government operations, and — in the 21st century — it’s as essential as electricity and roads.



City of Boston departments demand better tools and technology. We treat City employees the same way we treat residents and focus on their needs. Instead of struggling with old technology, City workers can instead get residents the help they need.


As technology changes, so do the needs of Boston residents. We need to offer services that run smooth, and meet expectations. New ways for communicating also offer new ways for residents to get involved with the City of Boston.


By using data, we can focus our time and money on areas of the City of Boston where the aid is needed the most. Data and analytics can improve transparency, and keep track of our progress on projects for the City.


Boston needs to be a place where everyone has options for affordable and fast broadband, and a chance to grow their digital skills. A more connected Boston also creates a more equal, innovative, and prosperous City. mock

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Innovation and Technology
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Innovation and Technology
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