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Department of Innovation and Technology Strategy

Delivering better government for every constituent through innovation and technology. 

The City of Boston uses innovation and technology to help deliver better public services, programs and products to every constituent. Innovation and technology enable equity effectiveness and efficiency. They are key to ensuring the City can confront climate change and other challenges ahead. 

The Department of Innovation and Technology creates accessible, reliable, scalable, secure and dignified experiences for Boston residents. 

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Vision for the City

Innovation and technology help support Mayor Michelle Wu's vision of a City that is the greenest, family friendly, mission driven, for everyone, for those who do good and change the world.

To realize this vision innovation and technology focuses on:
  • Doing big things by getting the small things right
  • Getting City Hall out of City Hall and into our neighborhoods 
  • Embracing the possibilities of Boston
We focus on delivering on the mayors 5 key objective areas:
  • Constituent services
  • Green, growing city
  • Family friendly 
  • Public health and public safety
  • Reducing the racial wealth gap

Areas of Focus

Products and Services

We are focused on connecting constituents to City Hall through a robust offering of products and services. 

  • Ensure all products maximize value 
  • Provide convenience to users
  • Improving on product experience with user feedback
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement backed up by data
  • Providing secure, reliable and recoverable products
Governance and Policy 

A focus on governance and policy helps to keep people at the center while we continue to embrace the possibilities innovation and technology can bring to the City. 

  • Providing our workforce with access to transparent process and plans around technology procurement and operation
  • Clear support structures for technology stacks
  • 5 year technology investment plan focused on impact to constituents
  • Technology supports and empowers departments to improve operations and make a more equitable and inclusive impact. 
Bridging the Gaps 

We focus on bridging gaps in connectivity, devices, and skills so that people can thrive in a digital world. 

  • Provide access to affordable and quality internet connection for all residents
    • Connectivity standards for affordable housing providers that promote services
    • Ensuring all households have access to the right device 
    • Supporting digital access of government services to our most vulnerable residents through partnerships with relevant departments 
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