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Language and Communications Access Departmental Plans

Departmental Plans show a department's commitment to offering accessible services to City of Boston residents.

Departmental plans include:

  • Vital documents
  • Recurrent programs 
  • Language access complaint forms
  • Written commitment to providing accessibility services to constituents. 

We strive to provide culturally competent translations for these departmental plans and want to hear from you. If you have any feedback you can reach out to We truly appreciate your collaboration and your feedback.

Multilingual Departmental Plans

Multilingual Departmental Plans


الإسكان العادل والإنصاف (Fair Housing Equity) 

بوسطن 311  (Boston 311)

مكتب تحسين وضع الذكور السود (Black Male Advancement)

 إدارة الإطفاء في بوسطن (Boston Fire Department)

قسم شرطة بوسطن (Boston Police Department)

لجنة ذوي الإعاقة (Disabilities Commission)



 مكتب العمدة للنهوض بوضع النساء (Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement)

 مكتب التنظيم المدني (Office of Civic Organizing)

 مكتب إدارة حالات الطوارئ (Office of Emergency Management)

مكتب العدالة الغذائية (Office of Food Justice)

مكتب خدمات الأحياء (Neighborhood Services)

مكتب مساءلة الشرطة وشفافيتها (Police Accountability and Transparency)

 قسم التحصيل والمالية (Treasury Collecting Division)


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