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Friends and Family Reunification Initiative

To request support communicating or locating a missing loved one who is experiencing SUD and homelessness, please review this protocol.

The City of Boston’s Coordinated Response Team’s "Friends and Family Protocol" aims to reconnect unsheltered people to supportive family and social networks. These connections increase the possibility to make progress towards stabilization for people who struggle with:

  • mental health issues, or
  • substance use disorder (SUD).

Unfortunately, friends and family who are missing loved ones can have difficulties locating them. People living on the street do not have consistent access to phones or Internet services.

About the protocol

We're providing an additional channel for constituents to seek loved ones in Boston who they suspect are experiencing combinations of:

  • homelessness
  • substance use disorder, or
  • mental health challenges.

The Coordinated Response Team hopes to increase the likelihood that those struggling can tap into a supportive social network. 

The protocol promotes reunification for consenting individuals who are engaging with multidisciplinary street outreach teams. The protocol also ensures that people who do not want to be contacted are protected.

Are you looking for a loved one in Boston who is experiencing SUD and homelessness? You always have the option of filing a missing persons’ report through the Boston Police Department. This provides an additional direct mechanism to notify the Coordinated Response Team about your loved one’s situation. Our team will work to reestablish a connection by:

  • locating them
  • obtaining their consent, and
  • facilitating phone or in-person communication as appropriate.

How To Make a Request For Support

To request support communicating or locating a missing loved one experiencing SUD and homelessness, we encourage you to take these steps:

File a missing person report with the Boston Police Department, and/or

Contact the City of Boston Coordinated Response Team (CRT) by:

Please note:

If you believe your loved-one is in immediate danger and/or this is an emergency, please call 911.

Calls to CRT will be accepted Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Leave a message if you are calling outside of working hours. A member from the Coordinated Response Team will get back to you.

If you locate the person you are looking for, please let us know by calling 617-982-4785 so we may stop outreach efforts.

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