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Gregory Blaize

Executive Director, My Brother's Keeper Boston

Gregory Blaize currently serves as the Executive Director for Boston’s My Brother’s Keeper chapter, a national initiative led by former President Obama, and adopted by former Mayor Martin J. Walsh. In his role, Gregory serves as an advocate for marginalized Americans. He promotes and advances their cause to reach their full potential, through enrichment, education, and opportunity. 

In 2016, Gregory Blaize graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. Upon graduation, Gregory was appointed to be one of the Mayor’s personal aides. Gregory held this position for close to three years, increasing his passion for municipal policy and politics, as well as getting first-hand experience on the various nuances facing Boston’s youth. Gregory Blaize’s passion for communal advancement has been his motivation for the work he has done thus far in his career, leading him to recently lead a presidential campaign advance trail.

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