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Low Threshold Transitional Housing and Shelter Sites

Learn more about Low Threshold Transitional housing and shelter sites.

To respond to the humanitarian crisis in the Mass and Cass area, the City took a public health-led and equity-focused approach. Since January 2022, the City has worked to transition people staying in tents to low-barrier shelters and housing. These “low-threshold” spaces are more supportive for individuals with a substance use disorder. They also practice harm reduction and offer a range of critical services and referrals.

Key Terms Definitions
Low-Threshold Programs Programs that do not have strict entry requirements related to abstinence or engagement in treatment and services.
Harm Reduction An evidence-based practice that reduces harm from drug use and engages people in care.

More information about each site

From November 2021 to January 2022, the City worked with our partners and the state to open six low-threshold sites, totaling 200 beds. These new transitional shelter and housing sites provide critical supportive services. They also help individuals transition to long-term housing and/or treatment. 

Each site is equipped with staffing and security, and aims to connect guests to: 

  • medical care, including primary care
  • psychiatric and mental health care
  • housing navigation services, and
  • substance use disorder care and treatment, counseling, and education.
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