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Why hire a Boston public school student?

Teens who take part in the Mayor's summer jobs program develop positive work habits that last a lifetime.

Students often become motivated to pursue their education with new careers in mind. These summer jobs often lead to permanent positions with the same company or industry. Employers also get a chance to prepare students for the skills they’ll need in the future.

Benefits of hiring public school students

prepared Students

By working with career specialists, students develop the skills needed for their jobs. They also take part in training that teaches them about a number of topics, including resume writing and interview skills.

Private Industry Council support

The staff can help employers craft job descriptions and coordinate interviews. Career Specialists provide summertime support to both supervisors and students. If you have any questions, you can reach the council at 617-423-3755.

Vacation coverage

Students can help fill staffing gaps because of summer vacations, helping businesses run more efficiently in July and August.

Better performance

In many cases, the skills learned on the job also matter in the classroom. Students get a sense of purpose in their pursuit of high school graduation and college plans.

workforce of the future

Many students return to their summer employers after graduation, already familiar with the work and business culture. These students gain interest in future careers in their employer’s industry. They also bring the diversity of Boston’s neighborhoods into the workplace.

Background for employers

Summer jobs timeline

Most jobs start on the first Monday after the Fourth of July holiday, though graduating seniors are available earlier. Most programs end the last full week of August. Many students are also available and willing to continue working on a part-time basis during the school year.

Interviewing students

The Boston Private Industry Council can help you coordinate interviews with potential student hires. If an interview is not possible, the council can find students for you based on your needs.

Backgrounds of students

All students come from Boston public high schools. Career specialists find students based on their career interests and experience. Some have already chosen careers they would like to pursue.

Employers taking part

Nearly 900 public and private Boston-area employers — large, medium, and small — hire students. The number of students hired at a given company range from one to 160. Students fill a number of roles, from data entry clerk to lab assistant.

career specialists help

The Private Industry Council career specialists who recruit and prepare students are available to you and the students during the summer. The council can help you create job descriptions, solve problems, and answer any questions you may have.

Student pay and work hours

what you can expect

Wages vary by industry, as well as a student’s age and work experience.

Most employers pay students from $11 - $12 per hour. Students work 25 and 35 hours per week, depending on the work available.

Student pay breakdown

The table below reflects the total cost to your company to hire one student for a seven-week experience.

Pay rate 25 hours / week 30 hours / week 35 hours / week
$11 / hour $2,137 $2,564 $2,991
$12 / hour $2,331 $2,797 $3,263

* Wages include an 11% fringe: FICA, Unemployment, and Workers Comp

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