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Boston Blooms with Daffodils

Our beautification initiative distributes roughly 15,000 daffodil bulbs every year to volunteers. These volunteers plant them on public ways across Boston.

Update: Registration is now closed. If you requested bulbs, stay tuned to see if your request will be fulfilled.

This annual give-away event was created by the Boston Parks Department. The program is a way for us to partner with the community on beautification efforts throughout the City.

About the program

As part of the “Boston Blooms” campaign, we encourage many to sign up, including:

  • individual residents
  • civic associations
  • church groups
  • sports leagues
  • scout troops
  • open-space advocates, and
  • parks friends.

Once we have enough groups signed up, we allocate and distribute the bulbs to our volunteers. They then plant the bulbs in pre-approved locations in late October and early November. By spring, the City is filled with beautiful daffodils in our neighborhoods.


Sign up for your daffodils

Sign ups to volunteer have now closed.

A member of the Parks Department will be in touch with you about availability and details on pick-up and distribution dates. Last year, more than 100 community groups planted the bulbs distributed by the City.


Please share photos of your group planting the daffodils via social media and include the hashtag #BostonBlooms.

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