Bitter Cold in the Forecast
Mayor Wu declared a cold emergency in Boston from Friday, February 3, through Sunday, February 5, due to the extreme cold weather in the forecast. BCYF locations will be activated as warming centers on Friday and Saturday during their normal hours.
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Parks Fitness Series

The Boston Parks Fitness Series offers free fitness programming in Boston parks. Join us for both in-person and virtual classes led by certified fitness instructors. Please consult the complete class list below.

Everyone is welcome at our free classes, regardless of your fitness level. For more information and cancellations, check Facebook and Twitter at @bostonparksdept and @healthyboston.

This initiative is a partnership between the Boston Parks and Recreation Department and the Public Health Commission. It's sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Winter Fitness Series Classes

2023 Winter Fitness

All classes are free and open to all!  Email of you'd like the Zoom link without signing up.

Class Day Time

Eventbrite Link

HIIT Sunday 8:00 AM Sign up link
Dance Fit Monday 5:00 PM Sign up link
Afrobeats Tuesday 6:30 PM Sign up link
Strength and Conditioning Wednesday 7:00 AM Sign up link
Yoga Thursday 6:00 PM Sign up link
Chair Yoga Friday 12:00 PM Sign up link
Zumba Saturday 10:00 AM Sign up link

Join an in-person class every week from January 8- March 11.

Walking/SnowShoeing Monday 10:00 AM Franklin Park Golf Clubhouse Dorchester/JP Sign up link
Qigong Tuesday 9:00 AM Carter Field Bubble South End Sign up link
Line Dancing Thursday 7:00 PM Marshall Community Center Dorchester Sign up link
Class Day Time Location Neighborhood

Eventbrite Link

Chair Yoga Wedneday (1/4 & 1/11) 9:00 AM Veronica Smith Senior Center Brighton Sign up link
Zumba Gold Wedneday (1/18 & 1/25) 10:00 AM BCYF Pino Community Center East Boston Sign up link
Yoga Wedneday ( 2/8 & 2/15) 6:00 PM BCYF Roslindale Community Center Roslindale Sign up link
Afrobeats Wedneday ( 2/1 & 2/22) 7:00 PM BCYF Marshall Commnunity Center Mattapan Sign up link

Fitness Class Descriptions


Afrobeats is a catch-all term for the various Afro-pop and fusion music that has modernized and transformed within Africa and has caught the hearts of the diaspora. Afrobeats has become the name of the dance and rhythmic technique. Classes develop and build core strength, stamina, rhythmic sensibility, and — most importantly — build community.

chair yoga

A gentle form of yoga that can be done seated or standing on the ground while using a chair for support. Focus on opening all the joints and loosening up tight muscles.

dance fit

A cardio dance-based class that will get your heart pumping and hips shaking while combining strength moves to get you stronger! Move and dance to the beat while breaking a sweat.

line dancing

A fun activity that has all the necessary elements to improve cardiovascular health. The Rhythm Riders rotate moving from high- to low-impact line dances. Whether you want to get ready for the summer social season, upcoming weddings, family reunions, or simply discover a fun new way to get moving again, they have the moves for you! We are all too familiar with the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle. Please allow them to take you on a musical journey as you learn new line dances. So come let the rhythm move you, because a body in motion, stays in Motion!


Qi (energy) Gong (work) is a traditional Chinese meditative, restorative, and self-defense practice. It promotes balance, alignment, structural strength, circulation, longevity, and mindfulness. It is an essential component of:

  • Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu), and
  • Traditional Healing (Zhong Yi) disciplines, which incorporates everything from acupuncture, to herbal medicine, to exercise/nutrition.

The practice is based on the principles of the 12 meridians, five elements, and holistic balance.

strength and conditioning

This all-levels class is designed to increase physical strength and mobility through bodyweight exercises! The circuit style workouts will work all major muscle groups so you feel it from head to toe. All movements will have modifications to progress down or up depending on how you feel.

walk / snowshoeing

Experience the strength-training and cardio benefits of walking or snowshoeing through Franklin Park. Meet at the William Devine Clubhouse for a group walk that is sure to work your core, quads, and ling capacity! Distances may vary.


This class will bring you through postures to align, strengthen, and promote flexibility in the body. Taught by Not Your Average Yoga teacher, you will be able to strengthen the body and the mind as you realize your spirit, impact, and self-worth. Classes will incorporate coping skills along with relaxation techniques.


We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check. A total workout, Zumba combines all elements of fitness:

  • cardio
  • muscle conditioning
  • balance and flexibility
  • boosted energy, and
  • a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.
zumba gold

Perfect for active adults or beginners who are looking for a modified Zumba Class that recreates the original moves at a lower-intensity.

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