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How to turn a gun into the Boston Police

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If you find a gun, there’s a specific procedure you need to follow. This is true even if you have a Firearms ID Card, or a License to Carry.


Before you get started

If you want to turn in a firearm, you must follow these steps. This is true if you are a current Firearms ID Card or License to Carry holder, or if you are seeking amnesty. For those without licenses, if you follow these steps, you’ll avoid getting arrested for the unlawful possession of a gun.

Please keep in mind

You will not be given amnesty if:

  • you committed a crime with the gun, or
  • you committed any crimes while you had the gun.

Make sure the gun is unloaded

When you bring the gun to your local police station, it must be unloaded.


Put the gun in a clear plastic bag, and then in another container

After you place the gun in a clear plastic bag, you need to place it something like a gym bag or backpack. If you’re also bringing in ammunition, please place the ammo in a separate bag.


Bring the gun to your local police station

If you’re transporting the gun by car, you must place the gun in the trunk of your car.

Find your local police station

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