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  • Boston Public Health Commission
    1010 Massachusetts Avenue
    Boston, MA 02118
  • Boston's Way Home

    Omar is a "hero" in our Boston's Way Home initiative. The action plan aims to end veteran and chronic homelessness in Boston.

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Omar Marrero

Administrator of Housing Services, Public Health Commission

There are many challenges to housing homeless veterans.  But the Boston Public Health Commission Homeless Service Bureau Administrator of Housing Services stays positive and inspires others to keep going.  But at the same time, he’s relentless when it comes to advocating for what homeless individuals need in order to become stable in housing. His advocacy sparked the pilot program to pay for broker's fees for chronically homeless individuals who are searching for housing.

What do you find most satisfying about this work?

“Helping people in need and being able to provide a better quality of life to our homeless clients.”

Will you tell us a story about something that made you proud?

"Housing our homeless veterans heroes has been an honor. Last year on December 30th, we were able to house a chronically homeless veteran with legal issues -- he had been previously declined for housing on numerous occasions.

“On January 1st, I got a call from the client saying how much he appreciated being able to be in his own place to celebrate the New Year. It felt so good to hear him so happy -- I was with my own family at that time, so I could share with them what had just happened.  Having my mom and my wife joining me in tears of happiness...those are the moments that validate me as a professional.

“Participating in the efforts by the Mayor's office to eradicate chronic homelessness is an honor and a privilege. Being part of these collaborative efforts within all the different agencies, seeing the results first hand and participating in the big events, like the housing surges has been gratifying.

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