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Boston’s Way Home

An action plan to end veteran and chronic homelessness in Boston.

Working together as a city, we can end chronic homelessness in Boston.  

In 2015, Mayor Walsh set an aggressive goal to end chronic homelessness by 2018.  Boston’s Way Home outlines the steps we’re taking to get there. 

As a community, Boston cares deeply about the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable neighbors. Our homeless services and housing providers are among the best in the country. Together, our dedicated efforts have resulted in one of the lowest rates of urban street homelessness in the United States.

To truly solve homelessness in Boston, however, the City and its partner providers must make important improvements to the way we deliver services. We are creating a new system, through which homeless individuals have their needs assessed quickly, and are rapidly matched with the services and housing they need to become stable.

To date, nearly 800 chronically homeless veterans have been housed.  In January, 2016, Mayor Walsh announced that Boston has effectively ended chronic homelessness among veterans.  

Now, the City has turned its attention to ending all chronic homelessness by 2018. As of November, 2016, more than 180 chronically homeless individuals had been housed.

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We are looking for assistance in several categories:

Funds for:
  • Landlord incentives; brokers’ fees; first/last/security
  • Landlord risk mitigation
  • Whatever it takes funds (rent/utility arrearages, furniture, etc.)
  • Brokers who will donate their services
  • Landlords to rent to homeless voucher holders
  • Fundraisers to donate their time
  • Moving companies, who will donate moving trucks and movers
  • Handy-people to repair and ready units
  • Volunteers to coordinate events and provide support to formerly homeless neighbors after they are housed
Space and stuff
  • Furniture for homeless individuals moving to new housing
  • Food for housing surges and other events
  • Space for community events

News and Announcements

An interview with Doug DiMartile