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Neighborhood Development

Neighborhood Development

We want to make Boston the most livable city in the nation. Find out how we plan to do it.

We work with communities to improve Boston’s neighborhoods through investing public resources. Our main jobs are to create housing options, support tenants, and manage the City’s real estate.

Want to take a deeper dive into our department structure and mission? Learn more about our work at Neighborhood Development.

Neighborhood Development
26 Court Street
8th, 9th, and 11th Floors
Boston, MA 02108-2501
United States
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Homes in Mission Hill

Boston's way home

We created an action plan to end veteran and chronic homelessness in Boston.

Boston Home Center

Boston Home Center
Join the Homebuyer Club
Join the Homebuyer Club

The Homebuyer Club connects you with resources for buying a house in Boston. Find out how to join.

Find financial help
Find financial help

Buying a home in Boston? We may be able to give you financial help. Learn more about what we offer.

Foreclosure prevention and intervention
Foreclosure intervention

We work to prevent foreclosures, and help residents find ways to keep and maintain their homes.

News and announcements

Feb 14

$22 million in new funding for affordable housing announced

Neighborhood Development
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Jan 13

Mayor Walsh unveils anti-displacement legislative agenda

Neighborhood Development
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Dec 23

$24 Million HUD grant to help the homeless announced

Neighborhood Development
Fair Housing internships
Dec 23

Mayor Walsh announces $24 million HUD grant to help the homeless

Neighborhood Development

Development projects

We developed a list so the public can learn about real estate projects we're working on in the City. You can browse our active projects and give us your opinion on them.

Our site has information about properties in all stages of development. If you got a notice about a property sale, you can find that information here.

Get started with a property search

Upcoming Events

Image for Community Housing Clinic
Mar 30

Community Housing Clinic

Image for Neighborhood Job Trust Meeting
Apr 3

Neighborhood Job Trust Meeting

Small business resource workshop
Apr 5

Contracting with the City Info Session

Image for Community Housing Clinic
Apr 6

Community Housing Clinic

Hearings and Public Comment

We invite you to comment on our plans for housing and community development activities and on our accomplishments during the past year.

Reports, maps, and resources

Reports, maps, and resources
Flood zone map

This map shows the location of properties within the Continuum of Care Portfolio, with respect to the FEMA Flood Hazard data. By clicking on the dot, you can find the address and hazard status. Also, clicking on the flood plain area reveals what type of flood hazard is represented, they are not all the same.

Highland Park Vacant Land Map

This map contains several categories of vacant land in the Highland Park area. It opens with the layer legend. From there you can scroll through:

  • the layer list (where you can turn layers on and off)
  • the base map gallery, and
  • a tool to measure area or distance.

Click on any of the vacant land parcels and you will see a pop-up window displaying parcel information. Zoom in close enough and  street numbers appear.

Boston Main Street Districts Map

This map shows the boundaries of Boston's twenty Main Street business districts. Zoom in to see street names and parcels.  The colors distinguish one district from the next where they are in close proximity. More Main Streets information.