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We provide you access to information on affordable housing opportunities.

"Metrolist" is a clearinghouse for income-restricted and affordable housing opportunities in Boston and neighboring communities. We can help you search for housing or list your rental unit for free in our database.

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We're working to expand and improve our resources for landlords and tenants. We know how important it is to have timely, accurate, and complete housing information. This version of Metrolist is only the first step; we will continue to update and enhance your experience.

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Additional Resources

Partner Housing and Search Services
Housing and Rental Assistance

Public Housing is housing owned and operated by a local housing authority, such as the Boston Housing Authority. This type of housing is funded by a number of state and federal programs to help low-income individuals, families, the elderly, and the disabled.  For more details on public housing programs, visit Boston Housing Authority (BHA) or HUD websites.

Rental Assistance Programs provide financial aid (vouchers) to help low-income households rent apartments. The value of the voucher is determined by household income, size and geography and can be used in private market housing. Examples of rental assistance include Section 8, the Mass Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH).

Privately Owned Subsidized Housing is owned and operated by private owners who receive subsidies for renting to low and moderate-income households.

Tax Credit Units provide an affordable housing option for moderate or middle-income households.