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Quick guide to home repair programs

Use this page to figure out your eligibility for various Boston Home Center repair programs.

The Department of Neighborhood Development, via the Boston Home Center, helps income-eligible homeowners with loans and technical assistance to repair their homes. There are age-restricted programs for seniors aged 62 and older and de-leading help for households with children under the age of six. Some loans are forgivable. HELP programs require one-third of the loan to be used on exterior repairs. All programs offer free energy assessment through Renew Boston.

For specific income limits and additional information on terms used below, visit our housing and urban development income limit page

Specific programs

Specific programs

This program provides eligible homeowners with a 0% interest rate, deferred payment home repair loan. The amount differs depending on what type of home you have. We'll give you up to:

  • $10,000 for condominiums owners
  • $30,000 for one- to four-family homes, and
  • $30,000 for triple deckers.

Homeowners earning between 120-135% AMI are required to provide $1:$1 matching funds. Condominiums in 1-6 unit condominium associations may receive up to $10,000.

If you're eligible, visit the HomeWorks HELP webpage to find more information and apply.

This program is for 62-year-old and older owner-occupant homeowners of 1-4 family homes who earn less than 80% of HUD AMI.

There is a 0% interest, deferred payment home repair loan for everything from minor repairs to replacements of heating systems. Loan amounts are determined by necessity of health and safety repairs.

If you're eligible, visit the Senior Home Repair webpage to find more information and apply.

This program is for homeowners 60 and older of 1-4 family homes who earn less than 80% of HUD AMI.

There is a $8,000 grant to help eligible homeowners replace their aging heating systems. There is also a 0% interest deferred loan for the balance of the replacement.

If you're eligible, visit the Seniors Save webpage to find more information and to apply.

This program offers a forgivable loan of up to $10,000 per housing unit to mitigate lead paint, along with technical help to ensure compliance with Massachusetts’ Lead Law.

  • Owner-occupants of 1–4 unit homes or condos must meet the 80% AMI eligibility standard.
  • Investor owners of 1–4 unit buildings must prove that at least 50% of the building's residents are low- or moderate-income. Remaining units must be occupied by families with an income at 80% or below of CDBG Moderate Income.

If you're eligible, visit the LeadSafe Boston webpage to find more information and to apply.

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