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Get financial help to remove lead from your home

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We help eligible homeowners cover the costs of lead removal.


Before you get started

Lead poisoning can lead to learning disabilities in young children. Our lead abatement program offers you financial help to get rid of lead-based paint in your home. We offer:

  • forgivable loans of up to $10,000 for each unit in your home
  • technical advice from City lead specialists
  • free lead paint inspections, and
  • help complying with state lead laws so you can get lead removal tax credits.

For more information, view our flyer in English, Español, Português, 中文, Français, Kriolu Kabuverdianu, Kreyòl ayisyen, Soomaali, русский, Tiếng Việt, orعربى.


Mail us your application

Please complete and print out the Lead Safe Boston application, available in: English, Español, Português, 中文, Français, Kriolu Kabuverdianu, Kreyòl ayisyen, Soomaali, русский, Tiếng Việt, orعربى.

You may also need to fill out the: 

You can mail your completed application and forms to:

The Boston Home Center - Lead Safe Boston
26 Central Ave., Boston, MA 02136

We'll set up a lead inspection so you can find out how much work needs to be done, and what it will cost. Then, we'll help you find a contractor and set up your project’s timeline.


Complete the project

Your contractor can start working once you sign all your loan documents. After the work is done, we do one final inspection of your building with:

  • a lead specialist
  • a lead inspector, and
  • Inspectional Services.

We won’t make the final payment to your contractor until we hold that last inspection.

A Massachusetts-licensed lead inspector will issue you a Letter of Compliance that will qualify you for a $1,500 Massachusetts tax credit.

You have to pay us back based on the terms of the loan. You must pay the loan in full if you move, sell, refinance, or transfer your home within three years. If all terms and conditions are met after three years, there’s no repayment of the $10,000 per unit grant.

Need to Know:
Are you eligible?

To qualify for our lead removal loans, you must own property in Boston. You also need to meet one of these requirements:

26 Central ave
BOSTON, MA 02136

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