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Rent Stabilization

The Mayor's Rent Stabilization Advisory Committee is examining successful rent stabilization programs in other cities and considering measures to stop displacement of Boston families and protect tenants.

Building upon her commitment to protect Boston renters, Mayor Michelle Wu formed a Rent Stabilization Advisory Committee to provide recommendations on a policy that would stabilize rents by capping annual rent increases. The Committee is made up of housing advocates, developers, tenants, and other stakeholders.

The Advisory Committee members are currently studying local housing conditions as well as the structure and outcomes of rent stabilization programs in other cities. They are tasked with making recommendations to the Mayor and the Mayor’s Office of Housing on strategies to stabilize Boston rents and protect tenants from displacement.

The Committee will meet throughout 2022 with the goal of shaping a proposal for the next state legislative session.

Public Listening Sessions: Recordings and Meeting Materials

Public Listening Sessions

Rent Stabilization Advisory Committee Members

Committee Members
  • Emma Anderson, Boston Teachers Union member
  • Kathy Brown, Coordinator at Boston Tenant Coalition 
  • Joe Byrne, Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Karen Chen, Executive Director at Chinese Progressive Association
  • Filaine Deronnette, Vice President of Health Systems for 1199 SEIU
  • Emilio Dorcely, CEO of Urban Edge
  • Dermot Doyne, Local landlord and business owner 
  • Chris Herbert, Managing Director of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies 
  • Beyazmin Jimenez, Abundant Housing Massachusetts Board President 
  • Michael Kane, Executive Director at HUD Tenant Alliance
  • Brian Kavoogian, Managing Director of National Development
  • Curtis Kemeny, CEO and President of Boston Residential Group
  • Kirk Sykes, Managing Partner at Accordia Partners
  • Joe Kriesberg, President of Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations
  • Denise Matthews-Turner, Co-Executive Director at City Life Vida Urbana
  • Lisa Owens, Executive Director at Hyams Foundation
  • Jeanne Pinado, Vice President of Capital Markets at Colliers International
  • Mimi Ramos, Executive Director at New England United for Justice
  • Megan Sandel, Associate Professor of Pediatric Medicine at Boston University
  • Chanda Smart, CEO at Onyx
  • Lauren Song, Senior Attorney at Greater Boston Legal Services
  • Justin Steil, Associate Professor of Law and Urban Planning, MIT
  • Carolyn Villers, Executive Director at Mass Senior Action
  • Josh Zakim, Founder and Executive Director at Housing Forward MA
  • Kimberly Sherman, President of Related Beal

Rent Stabilization Advisory Committee Schedule and Meeting Materials

Schedule and Materials
Meeting Objectives:
  • Introductions
  • Review purpose and objectives of the Advisory Committee
  • Receive presentations on Boston's rental housing  conditions
  • Share reading list
Meeting Objectives:
  • Receive presentation on the Minneapolis Rent Stabilization study
  • Discuss models and components of rent
Meeting Objectives:
  • Receive update on the May 24, 2022, public listing session and plan for future community engagement events
  • Receive proposed structures for future advisory committee meetings
  • Discuss first three components of Rent Stabilization policies: Rent cap amount; Exceptions to the cap; and Vacancy decontrol 
Meeting Materials
Meeting Objectives
  • Receive updates on June 25, 2022, public listing session
  • Discuss last three components of Rent Stabilization policy:
    • Applicability of a Rent Stabilization policy
    • Education, compliance, and enforcement
    • Companion policies to support rent stabilization 
Meeting Materials
Meeting Objectives:
  • Share final comments with staff to inform draft legislation
    Meeting Materials
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