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Requests for Proposals

Below is a link to the current list of Mayor's Office of Housing Requests for Proposals (RFPs). We may also make Requests for Bids, Requests for Expressions of Interest, and Requests for Qualifications available on this page.

You can find all current RFPs for property development by clicking the link below. You will also find RFPs for Funding, and Grant Applications on this page. 

All RFPs for services can be found on the City of Boston's Supplier Portal. You may see RFPs for funding in both places.

The Mayor's Office of Housing requires all responses to property disposition RFPs, such as RFPs in response to the Neighborhood Homes Initiative and Real Estate Management and Sales property dispositions to be submitted electronically. Please follow these linked instructions for submitting your RFP response electronically.

DISCLAIMER: We will attempt to notify you of any changes and additions to an RFP. But, it's your responsibility  to check our website regularly for any updates, corrections, or information about deadline extensions.

View the Requests for Proposals

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