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Operation Exit

We prepare participants for entry into an apprenticeship in the building trades.

Operation Exit was the first program built under the Office of Public Safety in 2014. It's an intensive, three-and-a-half week training program. We prepare participants for apprenticeships in the building trades through:

  • career readiness and job training
  • peer-to-peer mentorship, and
  • classroom and hands-on learning experiences.

About the program

Program background

Operation Exit provides the knowledge and skills required to apply for and enter into a state-registered Building Trades apprenticeship program. We also offer case management and placement services. We want to help participants achieve their career goals. We're providing a meaningful alternative to the violent, often gang-driven conflict in Boston.

Operation Exit stats to date:

Six classes / 105 graduates


Who we work with

Operation Exit candidates are referred to us through our partners. We work directly with our participants to ensure their readiness and willingness to change their lives.

Are you interested in the program? Reach out to YOU Boston to learn more about the referral process:

YOU Boston website

An Operation Exit participant

An Operation Exit participant

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