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How to apply to film in Boston

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You need permits from several departments to film in the City. We can help guide you through the process.


Before you get started

Note: Due to reduced in-person hours of operation for the City of Boston, please be advised that you should apply for a film permit at least 10 days prior to your filming date.

You need to get permitted through several departments before you can start filming, but first you'll need to contact our office. We'll review your plans and tell you what permits you need to get. Then, we'll help you get them.

Please call 617-635-3911 for an appointment or email After your initial review you can apply online using our film permit request form.

Before applying you need to get insurance on your project. You'll need:

  • Personal Injury Protection with at least $1 million in coverage, and
  • a Security Bond of at least $5,000 to protect against damage to City property.

Before the meeting, you can also pick up any permits from Transportation and Public Works that you think you may need.  Check out our page on how the permitting process works before moving forward.  


Make a request to film in the City

Submit the film permit request online. You need to tell us a little bit about the project and the crew that will be working with you.

Online film permit request

After you apply, you can set up a meeting to talk about your plans. Contact the Boston Film Bureau at 617-635-3911.


Go to the meeting at our office

At the meeting, you'll need to at least show us your:

  • proof of insurance
  • security bond, and
  • any permits you may already have.

We’ll let you know about any other permits or services you might need. Please bring all your project documents to our office. We’re located at:

Tourism, Sports, and Special Events
1 City Hall Square, Room 802
Boston, MA 02201
Office hours
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Need to Know:

You can find out more about how the permitting process works. Still have questions? Call 617-635-3911.

Want to film with a drone in Boston?

Please contact the Federal Aviation Administration at 617-455-3144 or 617-455-3100.

Tourism, Sports, and Entertainment
1 City Hall Square
Room 802
Boston, MA 02201-2029

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