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Analiese Barnes-Classen

Administrative Assistant

Analiese Barnes-Classen was born and raised in Boston, in the neighborhood of Roxbury. After graduating from Boston Latin Academy, she went on to earn her degree in Public and Community Service Studies at Providence College in 2017.

Since her first job as an intern in the Boston City Council office, Analiese has had a passion for making a positive impact in the community through empowering others to make a change. She is driven by a desire to help others reach their fullest potential and make their voices heard. In the past, she has worked for many notable youth programs throughout the City of Boston including Action for Boston Community Development’s SummerWorks and Camp Harbor View, where she helped young people develop their leadership skills. Outside of helping her community, Analiese enjoys reading, yoga, and exploring the never-ending attractions her hometown has to offer, in particular the exciting Boston restaurant and food truck scene.