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SuccessLink employment partners

Connecting and developing Boston’s youth through the workforce.

The SuccessLink school year partner application is now closed. Please reach out to Jeremy Kazanjian Amory if you are interested in partnering with our Department.

Successlink employment partners

For over 25 years, we have employed 15- to 24-year-old youth and young adults at local Boston community-based organization. We have partnered with more than 200 groups to support:

  • diversifying Boston’s workforce
  • developing youth and young adult talent and skills, and enhancing access to employment for over 30,000 Boston youth.
Types of SuccessLink Partners:
  • Music, art, theater, and dance
  • Government and advocacy
  • S.T.E.M.
  • Sports and recreation
  • Child care, education, and many more!

By partnering with us, we will provide your organization with the following benefits:

  • Support for your organization’s vision and goals by employing Boston’s youth to work at your agency.
  • Connect with a network of community-based organizations to ensure to expand your organization's network.
  • Engage with over 10,000 Boston youth annually.
  • Expand your organization’s relationships through our network, major events, and connections to City agencies.
  • Allows financial flexibility by alleviating labor cost.
  • Provide constructive alternatives through civic engagement and workforce development opportunities.
  • Become the next big thing to change the lives of Boston’s youth.

SuccessLink partner testimonials

"Engaging youth while they are young and eager keeps them on the path to a successful future!" - Appalachian Mountain Club

“Youth employment is vital for youth growth. All these jobs help provide youth with critical experience and skills to help them excel in life! It's their foundation!" - Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

SuccessLink employment partners

SuccessLink employment partners

SuccessLink employment partners

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