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Reparations Community Grassroots Partnerships Program

The Reparations Task Force, through the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet, is excited to invest in community-based spaces  that honor the untold stories of Black residents in Boston.

Our residents are the experts of their lives, the lived experience of their communities, and the reality of the conditions they move through every day. The Reparations Task Force is excited to support community-based leaders and organizations, local artists and historians, educators and elders, and all our residents in telling these stories and shaping strategies for change. To do so, we are funding community organizations and individuals across four partnership opportunities to assist in the implementation of community engagement programming, oral history projects, storytelling and public education, and grassroots research.

The goal of the partnership opportunities is to supplement the ongoing work of the research teams tasked with producing the Phase 1 report. Our goal is to investing in community in hopes that we can bring community-grounded strategies directly and indirectly into the Task Force's work. We hope you will apply!

  • Contact Information:
  • Source of Funding: FY24 City of Boston Operating Funds
  • Total expected awardees per partnership opportunity: 10


Contracts will be awarded across the following partnership opportunities:

  • Grassroots Community Engagement Partnerships: Non-profit organizations and grassroots organizations will receive funding to host informational and listening sessions on the history and current challenges of anti-Black racism and local reparations efforts.
  • Grassroots Oral History Partnerships: Supporting videographers and community members in producing a shot video of the oral histories of three individuals who demonstrate lived experience related to the issues of housing, education, health, policing, war on drugs, stop and frisk policies, etc., and the "harms" and the effect local policies have had on their families and Black Bostonians.
  • Grassroots Storytelling and Public Education Partnerships: Artists, historians, or educators will produce a public storytelling project on a specific topic related to the impact of local policies or anti-Black discrimination during the 20th or early 21st century on communities in Boston. The project can take any form, so long as the project can be made digitally available to the public for engagement and the applicant can use video to document the project in some way for wider dissemination.
  • Grassroots History and Research Partnerships:  Local researchers and community historians are invited to write 8-10 page papers on a historical event, site, and/or topic relevant to the City of Boston’s role in, and historical ties to, the history and legacy of slavery.


Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements for the partnerships may apply. Eligibility is written more specifically in each partnership application.

Apply Today

Apply today by completing this Google Form.

The first round deadline to apply for this opportunity is June 12th at 10:00AM. Awards for the first round will be made by the end of June.


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