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Window Falls Prevention

Thousands of children fall from windows every year. BPHC works to prevent window falls by offering affordable window guards for Boston residents.

Falls are the leading cause of injury to children age five and under. Window falls can be fatal or cause serious injuries, however they are completely preventable. Window guards help families protect their children from the risk of serious and fatal window falls. Continue reading this article to learn more about how Boston residents can receive subsidized window guards and learn how to keep children safe from window cover cord strangulation. 

Why Use Window Guards?

Studies predict that anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 children fall from windows every year in the United States. About a dozen of these falls are high enough to be fatal. The rest tend to result in a spectrum of injuries, from fractures to TBI's (Traumatic Brain Injuries). Unlike some injuries, window falls are almost 100% preventable. Mechanisms like window locks, window guards, and safety plans exist to protect children from needless injuries. To learn about BPHC's window guard program and how you can protect your child from window falls, please look at the section directly below.

Baby looking out window

Window Guards Program

Call Boston Building Resources at 617-442-2262 to buy window guards. Window guards are available at a discounted rate for Boston residents, landlords, and developers. Window guards are also available to residents outside the city of Boston but without a City discount.

Window guard installation
  • Boston Housing Authority (BHA) residents can call the BHA Work Order Center at (617) 988-4357 to request window guards.
  • Our removable window guards have an emergency-release mechanism
  • We recommend window guards for the 2nd story and above, and for the 1st floor if the window is over 12 feet above the ground below
  • Family, grandparents, or caregivers of children 10 years and younger should all have window guards
  • Install guards in children's and parents' bedrooms, as well as other rooms where children spend the most time
  • Measure the width of your window so you know the correct size to order
  • Window guards can be installed on your own, however its important they are installed correctly or else they are not as effective

Window Guards Save Lives!

Window Safety Tips

  • A child can fall out of a window with as little as 2 inches of clearance 
    Window Guard
  • Do not substitute window guards for screens. Screens are meant to keep bugs out, not children in.   
  • Keep beds, furniture, and anything a child can climb on away from windows.
  • Lock all unopened doors and windows
  • Open windows from the top instead of the bottom
  • Fixed (permanent) guards or window stops can restrict window openings to less than four inches. One window in each room should be free of these devices to allow for emergency escape
  • Child safety window guards are not the same as security bars
  • Be sure children are always supervised
  • Window guards can withstand up to 150lbs of pressure

Curtain and Window Cover Safety

A child dies every month due to window cover cord strangulation.

If you have or care for children under the age of 10, take these action steps to keep them safe.
  • Inspect all window coverings (shades, blinds, curtains, etc.) in your home for accessible cords on the front, side, or back of the cover that could be hazardous.
  • Any cord longer than 8 inches, in a continuous loop, or not secured to the wall can be hazardous to young children.
  • Buy cordless window blinds and always check for a "Best for Kids" certification on other kinds of coverings.
  • When buying custom window products ask to make them cordless.
  • Pull cords tight to make them as short as possible, keep them up high, and anchored to the wall.

Window Cover

  • Always keep cribs, beds, furniture, and toys away from the windows.
  • Add tensioners, inner cord stops, and breakaway tassels to any coverings in your home with cords.
  • If getting new window covers is not an option click here to receive a free kit to update your existing window covers and make them safer for young children.
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