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Ryan White Planning Council Memberships

Learn the steps for getting involved with the Boston EMA Ryan White Planning Council!

Boston Planning Council Membership

Planning Council Membership

Each year, the Planning Council sets priorities for health and health-related HIV services in our region. They decide how to distribute federal HIV funds to each service category. The Planning Council reviews reports, conducts a needs assessment, and establishes priorities based on reviewing the service needs of people living with HIV in our region.

Planning Council volunteers include health care providers, public health officials, and community volunteers. The Mayor of Boston selects members to reflect the racial, ethnic, and gender demographics of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our region.

Much of the Planning Council's work occurs in its committees. All Planning Council members must serve on at least one committee. Committees usually meet on a monthly basis. Learn more about the Planning Council's five standing committees by clicking here. Committee charges and work plans are overseen by the Executive Committee. 

Members living with HIV are consumer members. They bring their unique experiences to the Planning Council dialogue. Consumer members get reimbursement for transportation and child care.

Both Planning Council and committee meetings last two hours each. Planning Council members must attend each of the monthly Planning Council meetings and all their assigned committee meetings. Total time commitment may be four-six hours monthly. Each meeting has refreshments and snacks.

Anyone living in the ten county region in the Part A Boston EMA who has a strong commitment to improving the lives of people living with HIV can join the Planning Council. You don't need a health policy background or expertise to join the Planning Council.

2023-2024 Planning Council Members 

All Planning Council members are selected by the Mayor of Boston to voluntarily serve on the Council.

Justin Alves | Daniel Amato | Mitchell Barys | Stephen Batchelder | Henry Cabrera | Barry Callis | Joey Carlesimo | Mose Choi | Stephen Corbett | Larry Day | Damon Gaines | Beth Gavin | Robert Giannasca | Regina Grier | Amanda Hart | Melissa Hector | Darian Hendricks | Gerald James | Alison Kirchgasser | Liz Koelnych  | Jordan Lefebvre | Margaret Lombe – Chair-Elect | Shara Lowe | Carlton Martin | Chrisopher McNally | Ericka Olivera | Ethan Ouimet | Yvette Perron | Manuel Pires | Serena Rajabiun | Luis Rosa | Nate Ross | Shirley Royster | Darren Sack – Chair | Mairead Skehan Gillis | Romini Smith | Michael Swaney | Bryan Thomas | Catherine Weerts | Kim Wilson

Prospective Members


Please fill out the new membership application. Note that part of the application is to ask someone to write you a letter of recommendation. Nominations happen in June - July and the session begins in September.

New membership application

Below are the steps to apply:

Step 1:

Complete the application and submit it along with a letter of recommendation to Planning Council Support (PCS) Staff by:

Step 2:

PCS staff will review the applications. New members should demonstrate:

  • Ability to help the Planning Council reflect the demographics of the local PLWHA community
  • Ability to fulfill membership requirements
  • Ability to come to meetings with an open mind, learn and contribute to the Planning Council
Step 3:

PCS staff will contact applicants and schedule interviews.

Step 4:

After completing the interviews, applications go to the Membership and Nominations Committee.

Step 5:

The Membership and Nominations Committee reviews the applications and interview summaries. They will nominate and  make recommendations on the list of candidates. This list will be sent to the Mayor of Boston, who is the CEO of the Ryan White Part A grant.  

Step 6:

The Mayor of Boston makes the final decision and appointment of all members of the Boston Planning Council. 

Step 7:

Applicants receive notification by email or by phone on their selection. For individuals who were not selected, PCS staff will provide options for other ways to get involved with the Council. 

Step 8:

All selected members will attend a mandatory orientation and training in September. 


Applying is easy!  

Fill out the application and submit one letter of recommendation. Nominations happen in July and the session begins in September. There are two ways to fill out an application, PDF or online. Please only fill out ONE:

Download the application

Here is the online version of the application: 2024-2026 Planning Council New Member Application

Applications can be emailed, mailed, hand delivered or faxed. If you submit the online version, it will go automatically to us! If you are unable to download or print the application, contact Planning Council Support Staff.


Planning Council Support Staff

1010 Massachusetts Ave. (2nd Floor) Boston, MA 02118

Tel: (617) 534-2695 | Mob: (617) 947-4299 | Fax: (617) 419-1449 | Email:

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