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Boston Community Health Collaborative

We work with residents to identify and improve health needs across our communities. Read about our work below. 


The Boston Community Health Collaborative is a group of organizations in Boston. The Boston Public Health Commission is a key member of the Collaborative. This group aims to understand community health needs, strengths, and priorities. This work comes together in two ways. First, the group works on a citywide health needs assessment. Then, the group develops and carries out a health improvement plan. Together, this group contributes to the health and well-being of Boston residents. 

Our Vision: A healthy Boston with strong communities, connected residents and organizations, coordinated initiatives, and where every individual has an equitable opportunity to live a healthy life.​

Our Mission: To achieve sustainable positive change in the health of Boston by collaborating with communities, sharing knowledge, aligning resources, and addressing root causes of health inequities.​

Our Process

Our Process

Every three years, the Collaborative assembles a group of local public health partners. This group includes: 

  • community organizations 

  • health systems and hospitals 

  • community health centers 

  • local government 

  • social services

This group works with health data and community input to improve the health of our city. This work comes together in a Community Health Needs Assessment. This assessment informs our public health planning and guides the work in making Boston a healthier city for 

Based upon the findings of our coordinated Community Health Needs Assessment and Improvement Planning process, the 2022-25 Community Health Improvement Plan identifies four priority areas to focus our collective efforts toward a healthier, thriving city:  

  • Access to Services  

  • Economic Mobility & Inclusion  

  • Housing  

  • Mental and Behavioral Health 

The Community Health Improvement Plan addresses priorities identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment. The improvement plan targets and coordinates resources among communities. The plan also provides partners with action items to help improve the health of our city. The 2022-2025 improvement plan recognizes the importance of “upstream” social determinants of health in shaping people’s health, well-being, and quality of life. 

Steering Committee

Adrianna Boulin, Fenway Health

Amanda Mastrlengo, Harbor Health Services

Catherine Fine, Boston Public Health Commission

Christy Egun, Mass General Hospital, Mass Eye & Ear

Dr. Shari Nethersole, Boston Children's Hospital

Dr. Thea James, Boston Medical Center

Emilio Dorcely, Urban Edge

Hollis Graham, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Leslie Aldrich, Massachusetts General Hospital

Louis Elisa, Black Boston COVID-19 Coalition


Magnolia Contreras*, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Mary Ellen McIntyre*, Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers

Nancy Kasen, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Ricky Guerra, Community Resident

Sherry Dong, Tufts Medical Center

Tracy Sylven, Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital 

Vivien Morris, Community Resident

* Steering Committee Co-Chairs

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