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Dorothea Jones

Member, Task Force on Reparations

Dorothea M. Jones is a Roxbury resident with over 50 years of commitment and community activism.

Dorothea is a leader who balances strategic vision and operational implementation of programs and processes. She is committed to working for inclusivity, diversity and bringing stakeholders to the table to create unified concepts and goals.

An ardent fighter for civil rights and the advancement of Boston’s black community, Dorothea has a strong history of leadership and political activism. She was formerly elected as a member of the Massachusetts Democratic State Party (DSC), acting on the Executive Committee and as co-chair of the Affirmative Action Outreach Committee (AAOC).

As a member of the Roxbury Strategic Masterplan Oversight Committee (RSMPOC) for over 12 years, she recognizes that community development plays an extremely important role in the future of the Nubian Square area. She is committed to ensuring the prosperity of residents and businesses in the area, and preserving the powerful history at the heart of Roxbury.

Dorothea was the lead organizer for the implementation of the RSMPOC monitoring subcommittee. The monitoring subcommittee seeks to ensure hiring goals on area construction sites that meet Boston Jobs Residency Policy (BJRP), including adequate minority and women workers.

In addition to serving as the current President of the Urban League of Eastern, MA (ULEMG), she is serving her second term. Dorothea also served two terms as Secretary of the National Council of Urban League Guilds (NCULG). As president Dorothea plans, directs, and provides leadership for numerous community programs and activities. She meets monthly with

the leadership team to provide input and policy recommendations, based on the criteria of involvement as determined by ULEM and NUL. In 2022, Dorothea was awarded a certificate for successfully completing the NUL Congressional Advocacy Program.

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