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Grassroots and Open Space Development

The Grassroots program supports the development of community gardens. You can find resources online on gardening and farming safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This program supports the development of community gardens. The program provides grant funds, City-owned land, and technical assistance to neighborhood groups and non-profits that want to organize, develop, own, manage, and maintain community gardens and open space in the low and moderate income neighborhoods.  

Typically, projects are funded in two phases.  Requests for Proposals are issued offering land and funding that will assist with the creation of community garden space that will provide low and moderate income residents in the area with the opportunity to establish gardens and grow healthy food for families and the community.  

DND will make a tentative designation and award of funds to the selected development entity and work with them to finalize their proposal.  

Once finalized, Neighborhood Development will make a commitment of funds and convey the property so that the construction may begin.  Sites are selected through consultation with the local residents and stakeholders and it is required the land be restricted to open space uses with the resulting garden under stable ownership with long-term maintenance plans.  No Community Development Block Grant funds are used for on-going maintenance at these properties. When available, DND may support capital improvements or renovations of existing community gardens with an award of funds.   

Still have questions?

For information about the Grassroots program, contact Shani Fletcher at 617-635-0466.